Summer Camp happens every year in the month of January and is held at Crosslands Convention Centre. It's a time where Juniors and Teens can have fun, engage in various activities, socialise, listen to engaging speakers and connect with God. 


Summer camp is split into three camps. Junior Camp, Teen Camp and Young Leaders camp. Junior camp is for children aged 10-12 years old. Teen camp is for teens aged 13-15 years old. Young Leaders camp is for teens aged 16-18 years old.

When is summer camp? 

Dates for Summer Camp 2020:

Juniors - 10 to 15 January
Young Leaders - 16 to 20 January Teens - 21to 26 January

When can i register? 

Registration for each camp will be open on different dates:

Young Leaders - October 14, 7PM Price: $320 Juniors - October 15, 7PM Price: $385 Teens - October 16, 7PM Price: $385

Registration links for all Summer Camps will appear on the following webpage: https://www.sydneyadventistyouth.com/events

Please note: the registration process will be a lot simpler this year. We are aware that parents have run into problems, in previous years, when trying to register their children. This year, you will only need your credit cards details with you to complete the registration for your child. After you have secured their spot, you will be directed to a second registration page where you can provide your children’s medical information, as well as decide on their activity preferences.

Young Leaders Flyer.png

Activities offered:

  • Archery

  • Legomania

  • Canoeing

  • Cooking

  • Craft

  • FPV Drone Racing

  • High Ropes

  • Mountain Biking

  • Nerf Games

  • Paddle Board

  • Waterskiing