Adventurers is a fun club especially for children aged 6–9. In the our Conference the program has been extended to children aged 4-5. The program provides a fun environment in which children and parents can participate in building life-long memories.

The curriculum includes age appropriate activities ranging from games, outdoor activities, exploring nature, camping, religious instruction and service opportunities. For Adventurers age 6-9 check for ideas, resources and Award information, on the South Pacific Division’s Adventurer site. 

For the extended program, Little Lamb Class age 4, where the Adventurers earn Stars, is adapted from the General Conference Little Lamb program. Little Fish Class age 5, where the Adventurers earn Diamonds, is adapted from the General Conference Eager Beaver program. It has been renamed to suit our part of the world. Recently our Little Lamb and Little Fish Classes have been adapted  to match with Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder and Helping Hand. The inclusive Club resources on this page include all six classes

For further information about Adventurers in Greater Sydney, local club contacts, and event information, contact Pr John Wells or Pr Raul Moran, Associate Youth Directors.


  • Edna Rima
  • Jane Gibson
  • Mareta Vaovasa
  • Margaret Williams
  • Mary Jon Tuaoi
  • Melanie Windus
  • Semi Ramatai
  • Toa Teulilo


  • Norm Tew
  • Ricky Henry


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Inclusive Club Resources 

Little Lamb Class Card CLICK HERE

Little Fish Class Card CLICK HERE

Little Lamb Class Workbook CLICK HERE

Little Fish Class Workbook CLICK HERE

2016 Adventurer CD Files CLICK HERE