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Map & Compass

DATE – Sunday the 17 June 2018

PURPOSE – to provide an opportunity to learn map and compass skills through experience. This event is designed for beginner groups (that will appreciate a guide) and experienced group to continue to develop their skills.

It provides an opportunity for Pathfinders to prepare for the Pathfinder Expedition

LOCATION – The Western Sydney Parklands Cecil Hills area.

This is a great area to gain experience in identifying the shape of the land from what the map says and what you see. This year’s activity is in the southern and central area of this location. It have lots of rolling hills with some great lookout spots. It is an excellent location to learn and to continue to develop your skills. We were last in this area in 2015.

Access to Dobroyd Drive, Elizabeth Hills is of Cowpasture Road. There are two ways of accessing the location.

      i.         Frederick St, Newgate Blvd, Vidal Ave to Dobroyd Drive

     ii.         Airfield Drive, Regentville Drive, Wixstead Ave, Vida Ave to Dobroyd Drive (This is all one road)

ACTIVITY TIME – 10.00am – 3.00pm

ASSEMBLY LOCATION - We will assemble on the grass close to 3 Dobroyd Drive. The HQ and Portaloo Toilet will be at this location of before you cross over the M7 pedestrian bridge.

This is a public place and you will need to find parking on the streets in the area.

COST – $11 per person when you register on line. - The cost includes, hire of portaloo, map and other stationary for the event.

WHAT TO BRING – Individuals: long pants, covered shoes, long sleeved shirts, wind break (clothes appropriate to the weather), hat, day pack, lunch, snacks, water and a compass.

Groups – at least ONE mobile phone, basic first aid kit, hand radio, toilet paper and hand trowel in case of emergency.

WE WILL SUPPLY – Maps for each participant

Control card, control point description and a program that includes the safety guidelines.

We will also make available experienced guides to help your group to read a map, use a compass and knowledge in how to navigate in the bush.

To register CLICK HERE

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